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Warning: MUST have proper beauty school training before use of Reflectocil dye cream.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: JMT Group is not liable for any claims, costs, errors, or damages associated with misuse of Reflectocil products. Use as directed.

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View detail information about 'Refectocil Hair Cream Dyes' - Refectocil Hair Tinting
Refectocil Hair Cream Dyes
$12.00  $10.00 
View detail information about 'Refectocil jar' - Refectocil Hair Tinting
Refectocil jar
View detail information about 'Refectocil Oxidant 3% Cream' - Refectocil Hair Tinting
Refectocil Oxidant 3% Cream
View detail information about 'Refectocil Oxidant 3% Liquid' - Refectocil Hair Tinting
Refectocil Oxidant 3% Liquid
View detail information about 'Refectocil Paper' - Refectocil Hair Tinting
Refectocil Paper
View detail information about 'Tint-Out' - Refectocil Hair Tinting

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