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Customer service may seem like a minuscule part of your business, but in reality, it can either make or break your salon or spa business. You should always strive to fulfill your client’s unique needs by offering them personalized care and undivided attention. By delivering consistently superior and personalized customer-oriented service, your salon/spa will have plenty of repeat clients.

Your salon or spa may already have dozens of new clients but do they tend to become regular customers? What’s the secret to getting repeat clients that grow your business? World-class customer service is absolutely essential when it comes to client retention. Keep reading to learn what customers really want while visiting a salon or spa.

What Clients Really Want from Your Salon or Spa

1. Make Personalized Connections

To retain your prospective clients and make them content, it’s imperative your staff members build personal relationships with them. Furthermore, your staff should strive to maintain a cordial, professional, and trustable relationship with the clients. In addition, they should provide undivided attention while the client is in their chair or table, forsaking distractions while performing hair, skin or nail services.

2. Proper Greeting Is an Absolute Must

Your customers expect a warm and graceful greeting as soon as they walk into your salon or spa. Ask your staff to dress well, make proper eye contact, and put smile while greeting and welcoming a customer to your business.

3. Language Matters

Your staff members should be well-spoken and avoid using slang or foul language. Conversation should be professional and engaging.

4. Demonstrate Your Willingness to Help

Your team of experienced professionals should go the extra mile and be eager to provide assistance. Showcasing a strong willingness to offer an immediate help is a key parameter for delivering exceptional customer service.

5. Ensure a Thorough Understanding of Your Products/Services

If your salon or spa is run by a group of inexperienced staff members that don’t have adequate product knowledge, clients take notice. Ensure that your business has professionally trained staff who can provide proper advice to the customers, whenever it’s required, especially when it comes to product and service knowledge. Also, using high-quality spa or salon equipment, beauty supplies, and offering your clients a truly one-of-a-kind experience is what will set you apart from your competitors.

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Keep in mind that customers that feel welcomed, well-treated, and respected are the happy clients. Strive to offer them a customer-oriented service that includes prompt service, dedicated attention, eagerness to help, and knowledgeable advice. In addition, maintaining a uniform dress code for your staff to reflect your brand identity is also a plus.

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