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Do You Have Nervous Waxing Clients? Here are a Few Tips for You!

Getting a smooth, beautiful, and hair-free skin is a priority for many female clients. Isn’t it? As an owner of a beauty spa, it is important to provide your clients the best-ever waxing experience so they want to rebook. You may face some nervous clients that are probably undergoing their first-ever wax appointment. Handling these client concerns and fears is a part of the job we have some tips to help you offer them an anxiety free waxing experience. Your clients will learn to love Cirepil Wax and your other products and all of the benefits! Keep reading and we reveal eight tips for your nervous waxing clients.

Eight Proven Pain Reducing Tips for Your Nervous Waxing Clients

  1. Suggest the Bikini Wax First

If it’s her very first waxing treatment, then she may not be accustomed to the wax process. She is probably not aware of the minute pain that’s associated with the waxing process. In such situation, you should recommend her to undergo a basic bikini wax first, instead of a full Brazilian waxing. This is a great way to break new clients into the process so it’s not too shocking the first go around.

  1. Know the Best Time to Schedule a Wax Appointment

To tactfully handle nervous clients, encourage them to schedule the wax appointments after her period. In this way, her pain threshold will be high enough to undergo the process without many emotions or extra pain.

  1. Exfoliating is the Key

Prior to the waxing process, please suggest them to exfoliate the dead skin (one day before the wax appointment) as it will ensure a better and smoother result.

  1. Ease and Pacify Her

If your nervous client starts screaming suddenly during the wax process, please soothe and pacify her by diverting her attention. For example, you can talk about the final outcome that she’s going to experience after the wax. This tip will divert her mind off from what you are doing on her skin. For some clients, explaining the products and benefits can help greatly. Consider explaining all the benefits of using Cirepil Wax.

  1. Breath In and Breath Out

During the wax process, ask them to take deep and full breaths. Suggest them to gently breathe in as you’re applying the wax and breathe out when you’re trying to pull off the strips. Often times, a HARD breathe out on the strip pull can alleviate any tension in the body which makes the pain worse.

  1. Talk About Her Sensitive Parts

Your client may have some sensitive parts that you should be aware off before starting the wax process. Ask her directly about any such sensitive parts and avoid waxing on these areas. Otherwise, it may turn into a painful and terrible waxing experience for her.

  1. Re-book the Appointments

Rather than undergoing an annual waxing process, encourage them to re-book the appointments for an interval of three-four weeks. This will dramatically reduce the pain factor and make her more accustomed to the waxing process. Plus, with regular waxing, the growth of hair will be thinner and finer, rather than being thick, long, and coarse.

  1. Meditation and Humming

When the wax is ripped off, it may result in a small amount of pain. However, for first-time clients, this pain may seem unbearable. That’s why you should recommend them to practice some calming meditation techniques (such as humming) to reduce and distract the sense of pain. Counting to 5 while breathing out during a waxing pull can also be very helpful.

Do You Need to Purchase Cirepil Wax Products for Your Clients?

We recommended using Cirepil Blue Beads tin Hard strip wax to offer your clients the best-ever waxing experience for a smooth and soft skin. To purchase Cirepil Blue wax supplies at a reasonable price, please contact JMT Beauty. Note, we are a renowned online spa and salon supplier that are delighted to offer you the best selection of waxing supplies.


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