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How to Use Cirepil Hard Wax

There’s a certain amount of panic that comes with the discovery of those invasive, dark, and coarse hairs making their debut on your chin. For men, this is no big deal, but for many women—this warrants an immediate trip to the salon. That’s where Cirepil wax comes to the rescue!

Put down your razor, and step away from the tweezers! These may provide a quick fix for everything from those pesky chin hairs to undisciplined eyebrows, but they’re temporary and can irritate your skin. Cirepil wax forms a bond with unwanted hair and gets rid of all of it at the root with one quick treatment. This results in a shorter recovery time, and more effective hair removal than other methods. Cirepil hard strip wax is a professional favorite, and the products are both easy to prepare and to use.

Getting Ready to Use Cirepil Wax

To prepare the wax, you’ll need to first choose your Cirepil hard strip-less wax beads. For smaller areas, remember to use fewer wax beads to conserve product. After this:

  • Pour wax beads into the warmer provided by Cirepil.
  • Melt for 20-30 minutes, or until the outer edges are liquified—the center will still contain solid wax.
  • Test the temperature of the wax on a neutral area of your own body to ensure customer comfort.

Examine and Clean the Area

It’s important to take note of which way the hair grows in. Use Cirepil Blue Cleanser to gently wash away makeup or oil from the area being waxed. This gives the wax a clean surface to adhere to and maximizes results.

Use the Right Amount of Wax

  • Assess the area and scoop enough wax onto your disposable spatula to cover the exposed hair. Rotate the spatula to prevent any wax from dripping onto areas where you (and your client) don’t want it.
  • Once you have the wax neatly settled on the spatula, place it against the skin and evenly spread the wax over the desired area.
  • Allow the wax to cool on the skin to room temperature. This can take longer depending on how warm the person or their surroundings are.
  • If the wax is cool, pull the area of skin taught and pinch the side of the wax that will pull it up against the grain of the hair.
  • Slowly and gently remove the wax strip, pulling the excess hair out with it.
  • Avoid ripping it off! No one wants to traumatize their clients by viciously ripping out hair—especially when it’s located in sensitive

Help the Skin to Recover

Even professional waxing with Cirepil products can stress the skin out. Experts recommend using their calming gel to help the area to recover, and to prevent redness or irritation. With the right waxing products and conscientious salon staff, waxing can easily become one of your most popular services!

Do You Want to Offer Cirepil Hard Wax to Your Clients?

You can order Cirepil hard strip wax right here on JMT Beauty’s website or give us a call at (510) 489-8368. We are happy to help with your beauty supply needs.

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