Teach Spa and Salon Clients How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

As a spa or salon professional, you take pride in the work you do. Whether it is offering skin and beauty treatments, massage therapies and any other appealing options, you want your clients to walk out the door feeling great. However, you want the great experience to continue long afterward, as well. This can be challenging when waxing clients experience unsightly and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Fortunately, you can offer them professional grade products, such as Cirepil wax applications and precision RefectoCil supplies. You can also share expert tips that make ingrown hairs a thing of the past.

Start With Exfoliating Clean Skin

Let’s begin with professional waxing tips that ensure amazing results. Most experts know that the best way to avoid ingrown hairs after waxing is to prevent them even before they have a chance to start. This is done in a few ways, and one of the first of them is to ensure skin is both clean and exfoliated prior to the waxing. Cleaning the skin with a gentle soap and a loofah or coarse cloth unclogs pores. It also ensures hair follicles come out easily. Exfoliating with a gentle exfoliating product is also ideal as it takes away all of the dead skin and allows hair to point upward. This prevents the hair from curving back around into the skin and becoming ingrown.

Mild exfoliators rather than chemical exfoliators work best, so be sure to recommend clients avoid irritating, alcohol-based products. They should be exfoliating a few times each week when bathing, but particularly if they are a regular waxing client.

Moisturizing Is Key

Moisturizing after waxing is also key as it prevents or reduces inflammation. AHAs or alpha hydroxy acid formulas are the best because they also help shed dead skin that is a common cause of ingrown hair.

Consider Wearing Breathable Clothing

Just as your spa uniform is loose and comfortable, recommend that clients also wear loose, comfortable clothing on waxing days. This allows skin to breath and prevents hair from being compressed and skin irritated. These conditions actually set the stage for ingrown hairs days and weeks later.

Always Trust the Pros

When giving advice to clients, also remind them that plucking an ingrown hair is the wrong step. Instead, they need to use exfoliate, moisterize, and cleanse the skin to keep it soft and allow the hair to break through.

As a beauty professional you may share quality products that are designed to entirely eliminate the risks of ingrown hair. Cirepil wax, for example, clings to the hair and not the skin, greatly reducing the chances for broken or severed hair to form an ingrown hair. RefectoCil products work on the brows and lashes also delivering premium shaping and hair removal.

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