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Wondering What Your Spa Uniform Should Be?

If you run a spa or salon, the way you and your employees dress is important: You should look professional and fashionable enough to impress customers, but at the same time, the clothing needs to be practical and easy to move in. This article goes over some factors to keep in mind when choosing a dress code, and it also covers how you can obtain the supplies you need. He is some help deciding what your spa uniform should be.

The Basic Approaches

According to Elizabeth Mott, writing for, there are two basics approaches to setting a dress code: You can either require a specific salon or spa uniform, or simply set guidelines for what your employees can wear. 

When deciding on your approach, your target clientele and the image you want your space to present will come into play. For instance, if you want your business to appeal to younger customers, then a relaxed dress code with bright, playful colors may be the way to go. Meanwhile, members of an older clientele may prefer more low-key color schemes. Think about the customers you want to attract and adjust your dress code accordingly.

Additionally, different employees may need to adhere to different standards, depending on their job. For example, black is a go-to color for a hair stylist uniform because it hides stains and allows for high levels of contrast with clients’ hair, according to the Avalon School of Cosmetology.

Obtaining What You Need

Whether you go with a strict dress code that involves uniforms or simply set loose guidelines, you may need to obtain at least some clothing for your workforce. For instance, small touches like providing high-quality salon aprons can keep your employees comfortable yet professional looking. If you go all-out with requiring a specific, complete uniform for each employee, then ordering those uniforms in bulk can ensure that you always have them on hand.

Are You Looking for Some Spa Uniform Options?

No matter where your business falls on the dress-code spectrum, you can find what you need from JMT Beauty Supply. To learn more about our offerings, just visit our home page or product page. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 510-489-8368, filling out our contact form, or sending an email to We look forward to providing whatever your business needs to thrive!

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