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Are You Exploring Cirepil Hard Strip Wax?

Cirepil hard wax is a bit less common than soft wax, but it is effective nonetheless. Like soft wax, it has the purpose of removing hair from follicles. However, certain traits set the two apart.

Hard versus Soft Wax

One of the biggest differences between the two methods is that hard wax does not involve strips, as pointed out by Naomi Torres of the beauty website Byrdie. That’s why it is also known as stripless wax. This feature cuts down on waste.

Another difference is the role of heat for hard wax. In fact, beauty professionals often keep special equipment, like this wax warmer, around for the purpose of warming up hard wax. While microwavable kits are an OK option for some people, beauty businesses need a way to consistently keep wax at the proper temperature, which is where wax warmers come in.

When applied, hard wax needs time to set so that it can form a bond with the hair. Torres writes that the wax essentially “shrink-wraps the hair as it hardens.” This allows products like Cirepil wax to grip hairs so that they come off properly.

The Uses of Cirepil Hard Wax

Cirepil and other types of hard wax thrive in certain applications. For example, hard wax is very useful for Brazilian and bikini waxes because it deals with coarse hair effectively and is also ideal for smaller areas. Another advantage, covered on Crown Beauty Bar’s blog, is that hard wax does not attach itself to the skin. That means it is usually better for sensitive areas than soft wax, which does latch onto the skin.

Torres also points out that facial waxing is another place hard wax shines. Additionally, it can play a role in nose waxing, where its more gentle nature again sets it apart from soft wax. Generally speaking, hard wax outperforms soft wax when it comes to removing short hairs. Soft wax does have its uses, but hard wax handles the duties it cannot.

For Cirepil Wax Supplies, Turn to JMT Beauty

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