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Cirepil Wax Best Practices

With bikini season upon us, waxing is de rigueur. Yes, it’s French, meaning strict etiquette. Waxing was founded in Paris in l936—83 years ago! Impeccable beach etiquette means no unsightly hairs to mar our bikini line. Fortunately, the process of waxing is not the dreaded one of summers past because we’ve come a long way from painful tear-away strips.

In testimonials from Brazil to Ireland, patrons say Cirepil Wax has practically revolutionized waxing, reporting much less discomfort, long lasting results, no lasting stick residue, no sore red skin left behind or ingrown hairs.  

Throw on your nylon salon smock and follow these steps. Your patrons are sure to be happy, and happy customers refer their friends.

Before Waxing

  1. The 20-30 minute preparation of the wax is simple but crucial. The beads must melt to the proper consistency—think making fudge, not too thin, not too hard. A solid blue ball will be in the center of your perfect consistency. Test the temperature on your wrist.
  2. Using the Cirepil Lotion Cleanser, (test on a small section for allergic reaction first), clean and apply Pre-Depilatory Oil to the area you’re waxing.
  3. Now you’re ready to wax. Like sharing a bowl of ice cream with a friend, never double dip.

The Waxing Process

Scoop the amount you’ll need onto the disposable spatula and roll it around to keep it from dripping like you would a honey ball, before depositing it onto the skin.  Spread the wax over the area, as you would icing a cake, evenly, making a ridge around the perimeter.

Next, being gentle but firm, holding the skin taught, lift the ridge and remove the wax, pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth. To make the process comfortable for the client, apply pressure using a rolling press of your hand after the wax is pulled way.

Lastly, it is recommended that you clean the area with antibacterial the Blue Lotion Cleanser and finish with a lovely, very gently massage. Cirepil After Wax Refreshing Gel is perfect for after waxing, it’s recommended cleansing the area again with antibacterial Blue Lotion Cleanser. Finish with a gentle massage using the gel to refresh and hydrate the skin.

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