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Read these Waxing Tips and Don Your Salon Aprons!

Though it makes some people nervous, Cirepil waxing can be an amazing skin-care technique when properly performed. This post goes over some tips that will help you and your clients obtain great results from waxing. So don your salon aprons and let’s get started. 

Waxing Tips to Give Your Clients

Your salon’s clients are more likely to have an enjoyable experience if they are prepared for the waxing process. Consider giving the following advice:

  • Clients should wait the proper amount of time between waxing. As pointed out on, this amount of time can vary, but generally falls between three and six weeks.
  • Hydration is important, so advise your clients to drink plenty of water and moisturize the area they want to be waxed for several days before the procedure.
  • Encourage regularity, even in the winter, when clients may not have waxing at the top of their agenda. According to a beauty expert quoted on Bustle, winter is actually the most important time for waxing. Maintaining the practice throughout winter means an easier start to bikini season in the spring and summer.
  • Waxing also requires post-procedure care. Advise clients to keep the waxed area clean and free of friction and heat for a day. Redness and soreness can be treated with cold compresses.

Additionally, if clients are curious, be ready to answer questions about the procedure and the products you’re using. For instance, they may feel more comfortable after you explain how products like cirepil wax—which sticks to the hair, not the skin—work. Educating your clients in this manner will help them feel satisfied with the procedure—and make them more likely to become repeat customers.

Tips for You

Now for some tips that will help you deliver top-level waxing service to clients:

  • It is important to know if a client has any medical conditions or other factors that may interfere with waxing. Consider using a questionnaire or a predetermined set of interview questions to gather this information.
  • This goes for virtually any cosmetic procedure, but looking the part will help your clients settle in and relax. Be sure to have professional apparel such as salon aprons on hand.
  • Pre-depilatory products can greatly enhance a client’s experience. These help the skin by providing conditioning and protection, and they also make waxing more effective.

Obtaining the Cirepil Wax Products You Need

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