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Before Donning Your Salon Apparel, Read This for Some Helpful Tips

Successful cosmetologists get to enjoy a career that lets them flex their creativity. If you’d like to join their ranks, when you don your salon apparel and go to work, follow these tips for a thriving cosmetology career.

Tip 1: Handle Stress Well

Like virtually any field, cosmetology can bring stress. However, it’s important to handle that stress well, especially for the sake of your clients: They want to leave each appointment feeling better, not feeling residually stressed by an overwhelmed cosmetologist. Try to avoid complaining in front of clients, and do your best to create a relaxing, professional atmosphere no matter how poorly your day is going. Being punctual, calm, and wearing the right salon apparel can go a long way toward that goal.

Tip 2: Learn Constantly

No matter what stage your career is in, it’s important to keep learning. For example, Lisa Finn at recommends that new cosmetologists pick a mentor. Watching a more experienced cosmetologist perform certain techniques can be an invaluable learning experience. And even after you’ve begun advancing in your career, you can still expand your skills by attending training sessions and seminars.

Tip 3: Make Yourself Adaptable

Learning constantly will help develop an additional important trait: adaptability. Cosmetologists need to be adaptable both in a day-to-day sense—clients may bring unexpected challenges—and in a long-term sense: It’s important to keep up with the latest developments in your industry. 

Tip 4: Communicate

Developing skills, obtaining the right gear such as makeup artist apparel, and being punctual and professional are all important. However, it will be almost impossible to be a truly successful cosmetologist without good communication skills. You should be able to articulate your ideas in an easy-to-understand manner so that clients feel comfortable. However, keep in mind that communication goes both ways: It’s equally important to make sure you listen to and understand your clients.

Tip 5: Build Your Own Success

Cosmetology is a competitive field, but success is possible if you do everything you can to help yourself. Market yourself constantly to attract clients, and then go above and beyond to keep them by using the right tools and your well-developed skills.

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