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Brazilian wax, bikini wax – what’s the difference? This is a question that is asked far too often. Well, if you ask us, the difference between the two is like the difference between apples and oranges. How so? Let us explain the difference between these two types of waxes and which is the right one for you!

What’s the difference between a brazilian wax and bikini wax?

first, we’ll define what waxing is

Waxing means to remove hair from its follicle using a resin-like substance. This mixture is heated and spread over your skin, generally in the direction your hair grows. Once the wax has settled, a cloth strip is placed on the top and pressed firmly until it is fully attached. Now, the aesthetician pulls the strip off, taking hair and wax along with it. Painful, right? Well, it depends.

The difference between a Bikini wax and Brazilian wax

  1. Bikini wax

A bikini wax is usually done in two forms – classic and extended. The classic style covers about 1 inch on the top and 1 or 2 inches on the side, leaving some room for hair to peek through the bikini.

This is more about teasing. One may request different things in the extended wax, including a landing strip-like formation or a thin line. More often than not, some hair is left only on the inner lips.

  1. Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax means removing all hair, which includes hair on the inner lips and in between the cheeks. Some prefer to leave some hair in a triangular form or a flirty shape of their choice; most women want all of it gone!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does waxing the nether regions hurt?

Yes, it does hurt a little, especially if you’re a first timer. Pain is mostly relative to each person, and it can’t be said for certain how much it would hurt. Getting into the habit of waxing often will increase your pain threshold.

  1. Does Brazilian wax improve your sex life?

It appears so as many clients have reported that their partners have responded well to their new style. A few clients also said that they felt sexier and more confident once the treatment was complete.

  1. What is the best time to do waxing?

Avoid getting a wax done right after your period as you will be more sensitive to the pain. If you’re planning on surprising your partner, get the wax done a day before the action to give yourself a night of rest.

  1. Will the aesthetician judge me?

No, aestheticians are professional and are not there to judge you for your appearances. Don’t feel embarrassed because they are there to help you get the look you want safely and comfortably.

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