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Remember These Tips When Donning Your Esthetician Apparel

You have completed all the necessary training to become an esthetician, picked out your esthetician apparel and have some clients. There are some things to keep in mind that you might not have learned that can help you along the way. If you want to be known as a truly great esthetician, here are some tips to remember.

Keep Things Fragrance Free

As an esthetician, you need to get very close to your clients. Some of these clients will have allergies to perfumes and cologne, so keep your clinic free of all fragrances while you are working. Even those clients who don’t have allergic reactions to fragrances can still be irritated by strong perfume. The only thing you should use is a body wash with a pleasant neutral scent. Anything else is too much. 

Keep Your Nails Short and Clean

Since you will be working with your hands, you will need to keep your nails short and clean. If you must wear nail polish, choose a neutral color like pale pink instead of something too bright or too dark. A bright red nail polish won’t hurt your clients, but it also doesn’t look very professional. 

Maintain a Professional Appearance with an Esthetician Smock

Speaking of looking professional, this should be your goal at all times. Things like chewing gum while you’re working, maintaining an unconventional hairstyle, or wearing something too skimpy or brightly colored will only be a distraction to your clients. A facial is meant to improve one’s skin and appearance, but it should also be a relaxing experience. Try not to do much that could detract from it. A simple esthetician smock is good.

Keep to Your Schedule

Whenever you have a job that requires you to stick to appointments, you should do so as much as possible. You will have late clients and other issues that might cause appointments to run long occasionally, but as unavoidable as those are sometimes, they should be kept to a minimum. As much as you might hate to cut appointments short if a client didn’t show up on time, you can’t be afraid to do it. You should also keep conversation to a minimum if you think it’s going to cause an appointment to run long. It’s okay to offer a friendly ear to your clients, but you should be listening more than you’re speaking. Remember that efficiency is part of providing a quality service, so make sure that you can serve all of your scheduled clients every day. 

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