Are you and your clients interested in RefectoCil hair tinting?

Working as a professional in the beauty industry is an exercise in trends. You need to know them, follow them, and set them. This means staying “in-the-know” about the hottest beauty products to cross your salon counter—cue RefectoCil.

Picture your favorite fashion magazine with the gorgeous cover model, featuring perfectly feathered eyebrows and eyelashes that would make Liz Taylor jealous. We’ll let you in on a little secret, “she wasn’t born like that.”

There’s a very good chance that those amazing lashes and brows are well acquainted with the tinting power of RefectoCil. This precision-based tinting technology has the power to enhance lashes and fill-in brows without layers of irritating mascara, or creams that can wash off after your evening cardio. This is only the beginning of the fashion freedom that comes with beautifully tinted brows and lashes.

The Advantages

One fairly simple tinting treatment has the power to do so much for your personal look:

  • Beat the Fade: When you hit the beach or turn your face to the gorgeous summer sun, you’re doing more than just appreciating the weather. You’re also sun-bleaching the color out of your brows and lashes. Blondes can’t always afford this, and it can make even the longest lashes look non-existent. RefectoCil eyelash tint can restore your lashes to their former, pre-sun, glory.
  • No More Eye Irritation: If you’ve ever adjusted your contact lenses after applying mascara, then you know how fast you can go from glam to Gene Simmons. Tinted eyelashes won’t smear or introduce chemical mascaras that can irritate your eyes.
  • Sweat Your Heart Out: Whether you have issues with office air conditioning or really love a good midday workout, sweat can obliterate your brows and run your mascara in record time. RefectoCil eyebrow tint can keep your brows firmly (and beautifully) in place.
  • Save Time in Your Beauty Routine: Skip the time spent on your eyelashes and brows and take some time to relax in your beauty routine. RefectoCil tinting products make it possible for you to pitch your mascara and over-priced brow kits, embracing and enhancing your natural beauty.

This is also a great process for clients who have thinning hair or who prefer a look that’s more natural than the usual products can deliver. Don’t be afraid to educate your customers and to enjoy the benefits of tinting with RefectoCil yourself! Lead by example, after all.

Our Products

We offer a wide array of high quality tinting creams and accessories made by RefectoCil. Because of their professional results, these products can only be sold to licensed beauticians. The RefectoCil Cream Hair Dyes can be purchased in a variety of colors, including:

  • Blonde – # 0
  • Black – # 1
  • Graphite – # 1.1
  • Blue Black – # 2
  • Natural Brown – # 3
  • Light Brown – #3.1
  • Chestnut – # 4
  • Red – #4.1

Are you interested in offering RefectoCil products to your clients?

Tinting is only part of what RefectoCil has to offer. Don’t be afraid to check out their RefectoCil eyelash perm kits and makeup removers as well. As salon professionals, we all want to bring out the best in our customers. Enhancing their natural beauty via lash and brow tinting shares value with them and builds a stronger and longer client relationship. Check out our selection of RefectoCil products today. You AND your clients will be happy you did.

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