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Assembling a terrifically talented and motivated salon staff doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, as spa and salon professionals and salon owners, you’ll need to beat out the competition to attract the best hairstylists and salon staff. Before your don your salon aprons, read these tips.

Where (and How) to Attract the Best Salon and Spa Employees

Attracting top employees will, in turn, help you draw in the most (and most loyal) customers. Here’s how to hire great stylists:


Hook up with local cosmo schools and arrange to speak, or do a Q and A session, about how to run a salon (for example). You could also speak on how to build your career as a stylist. Share stories about your industry experience, plus expert advice on starting a salon or hairstyling business. The schools will see your volunteering as a value add, while you can discover new talent and inspire students. You’ll attract the best and brightest to work with you upon graduation.


Maintain an appealing brand image, by creating an engaging website and social media pages. Decorate your salon with style, create a clever logo that expresses your vision for your salon. In short, do all the things you should do to win customers, and you’ll also attract employees (or station renters). Stylists want to be associated with a good brand. You can also require your stylists to wear matching hair stylist apparel to further you professional image and branding.


Become a prestigious salon, and you’ll be the salon where everyone is dying to work. Having a great business reputation enhances the reputation of your stylists now, and in their future career. Get good reviews from customers, provide excellent customer service, publish a blog with hairstyling advice and more. These things increase your standing in the industry and attract top-quality staff.


Treat your staff well and help boost their future careers. Provide professional development opportunities like participating in hair shows or industry conferences. Finance (or partially finance) advanced classes or certifications for your staff.


Be a great place to work and keep your salon morale high. Provide support, encouragement and the best benefits you can to your employees. Make sure your salon is a fun, comfortable and safe place to work where all are treated fairly and valued. Encourage team bonding and teamwork. Bonus–doing this also ensures that your customers have a great experience when visiting your salon.

Where to Get the Best Hair Stylist Apparel

At JMT Beauty, we provide salon apparel that helps your business look great and makes your stylists feel terrific. When stylists feel comfortable and fashionable at work, it makes their jobs easier and more fun.

Count on JMT Beauty for salon wear and products like stylish, durable and comfortable hair stylist uniforms, salon aprons and much more. Contact us today.

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