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You want to decorate your hair salon, but don’t have any idea how to begin doing it. Don’t worry; we understand what you’re going through. After all, the interior space of how your salon looks will contribute to the impression it creates for your business on your clients.

Luckily, we’ve got some great tips for you on what to do and what not to do while decorating your hair salon. So, keep on reading.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Hair Salon

The Do’s

  1. Project your style

Before any work goes into the decor, you must determine the average of the salon’s demographics. What kind of patrons are you going to serve and where is your salon located. If it’s an upscale salon, don’t be afraid to bring in marble counter tops, fancy accents, and lavish chandeliers.

If your salon is exclusively for men, then use lots of chrome hardware and stainless steel accents to project a sense of masculinity in the environment. This idea applies to children salons, cheap salon services, etc.

  1. Go with a theme

Having a theme for your salon will set you apart from others in the industry. However, it’s crucial to know which theme works where, according to location. For example, a medieval theme may work in a small urban town or near the countryside than in a place like New York.

A theme like 80s Hollywood may work better in the Hollywood area, in Los Angeles, than an urban dwelling place like San Francisco. So, do your research and pick the appropriate theme.

  1. Experiment all you can

Leave all your ideas on the table on what you and your designer can come up with. Don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment with fancy lighting, oversized mirrors, contrasting colors, and varying textures on the walls. You never know what you discover in your little experiments.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t get cluttered

“Less is more” is the phrase of the millennium when it comes to design. Try to keep the interior as simple and clean as possible to send a more inviting message to your customers. Get rid of those old magazines, take the bug attracting plants out, and remove those unwanted furniture elements.

  1. Don’t mimic the past

Yeah, we all know that the past was “glorious,” but there’s no reason for you to stick to it. Ditch the 1950s theme and grace your salon with timeless furniture and decor elements. This will not only make the interior evergreen, but also more spacious and useful.

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