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Should Your Salon Employees Wear a Hair Stylist Uniform?

Targeted branding and a smart, fashionable business image are integral to the success of any salon. Hair stylist uniforms play a big part in supporting these business essentials. Coordinated hair stylist apparel helps your salon stand out and look professional at the same time. As a spa or salon owner, and a trusted beauty and style expert, your hair stylist’s uniform must carry this message.

Business Risks Without Hair Stylist Apparel

Walking into a salon where everyone is wearing something completely different does nothing to create a brand, or make a good impression. Without a hair stylist uniform, you risk looking disorganized–and you’re at the mercy of the fashion choices each employee might make, in their rush to get to work every day.

Not having a salon dress code can also be a safety issue. You’ll want to ban any long, hanging necklaces, for example, to avoid catching on salon furniture, getting sucked into hairstyling equipment or (even worse) painfully tangling up in a clients hair. You don’t want a ragtag crew. You need everyone to look like a cohesive team of experts, united with colors, logos and/or overall style.

Finding and Defining Your Salon’s Style

Hair styling uniforms offer almost infinite variety, so key the attire to your style and your client demographic. Funky or brightly colored uniforms are great for unisex salons with youthful clients. You could always specify colors, but allow stylists to chose which color to wear on top or bottom. This is a cohesive, yet creative, option for a pulled-together brand appearance.

If you have a conservative client base or older customers, select neutral uniform colors, lighter colors, or classics like black, white and/or gray. This should be in line with your salon decor: sedate and upscale, retro vintage chic, minimalist, futuristic, or whatever suits your beauty brand. Carry the look and feel of uniforms and decor through your advertising and marketing campaigns–and you will have a win.

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