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Dealing With An Unhappy Client While Keeping Your Cool

The salon industry is all about people pleasing. When your client sits down, you want to focus all of your talent and training into helping them walk away with a look that will keep them coming back. But, what happens when they aren’t happy? Knowing how to deal with unhappy clients can be the difference between success and a very forced, very early, retirement. So don your spa uniform and stay professional to help alleviate problems in your salon.

Understanding what “Unhappy” Looks Like

No two clients are the same, and the way they’ll react when unhappy can be vastly different. We aren’t mind readers, but we can read a person’s facial expressions and their body language. Look for drawn in features, vague questions, and expressions that are less than pleased. They may wring their hands, fidget with their salon cape, or ask you to make last-minute changes. Some may come right out and tell you that they don’t like what you’ve done. Just be sensitive and pay attention.


Take a step back and consider your work. Is there something that you could’ve done better? If the answer is “yes,” then consider taking responsibility and working to correct your mistake. Keep your emotional response in check and remember that you’re a professional. It’s also important to take a look how you present yourself physically. Make sure that your hairstylist apparel is on point, and that you’ve presented yourself in a way that’s both friendly and capable.

Embrace Empathy

After taking an objective stance, really make an attempt to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Is there something that would’ve upset you? It’s very important to try to empathize with what they’re feeling in order to understand the best way to approach the problem. Consider their self-esteem, or the reason for the appointment in the first place. If it was for a special occasion and their disappointed, then it’s important to do everything in your power to try and address the issue.

Can it Be Fixed?

This is where you should pull out all of the stops and try to come up with a solution. Talk to your client and ask pointed questions that help them to help you figure out how to fix the problem. Coming up with an actionable plan can help the client to feel more in control and shows them that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. If need be, have them don the spa customer gown and help them relax before proceeding.

Adhering to Salon Policies

When you’ve made a mistake, most services should be comped. As long as it’s the fault of the stylist and not the customer themselves, salon policies should allow you to do most of the damage control for free. You may even need to give out a discount card or set up a free appointment to finish a color job or something else. Make sure that you understand what you can and can’t do and don’t step on any toes. When all else fails, speak to your supervisor or the salon manager.

Stay Professional in Your Spa Uniform

Above all else, remember, “the customer is always right.” The basis for any successful business is repeat clientele, and this can’t happen if you lose your cool or give in to anger. Stay professional in attitude as well as dress by donning your professional spa uniform and maintain a focus on customer satisfaction.

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