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You CAN Express Your Individuality While Wearing a Salon Uniform

When we hear the word “salon uniform” many of us think of cookie cutter employees who all look the same. In the salon industry, this can take away from what professionals are really trying to accomplish.  Looking professional is great, but why can’t you rock a little rhinestone apparel with your cosmetologist uniform?

In some cases, you can.

Where Professional Meets Personal

What you wear says a lot about who you are as a person, and how you wear it says just as much. Working in a salon that requires a specific salon uniform doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own sense of style into the mix.

For one—you work in a salon. This is where personal style is created and celebrated every single day and being a professional doesn’t exclude you from this. Your hair is one of the first things that prospective clients look at when they walk in. Make it eye-catching, fun, and a testimony to who you are. As long as you stay within your salon’s guidelines, you can express yourself and advertise at the same time!


Your hair and nails aren’t the only things you can have fun with. Ask your salon’s owner what types of accessories they allow. Dress up a drab hairstylist’s uniform with a belt or do your makeup in a way that’s colorful and interesting. Everything about you is meant to represent both the salon, and what you can offer the people walking in.

Check out jewelry and other salon apparel that would be acceptable to wear with the  hairdresser apparel. As long as you look professional and stick to the theme of the salon, there are plenty of options that you can use to spice things up a bit.

Very few salon owners want every employee to look exactly the same. This takes away from the character of a business that’s all about creating something unique.

You also have some freedom with your workspace. Add a few mementos or personalized containers to make the area your own. This has a way of putting clients at ease and starting conversations about similar interests.

Always Check Policies First

As much as most salons encourage individuality and a little bit of personal flare, rules are still rules. Don’t introduce anything new into the mix until you’ve checked with the salon owner first. Safety is another concern. If jewelry or clothing is too loose, it can easily get caught on your client or something else that you’re working with. Once you have the greenlight, enjoy expressing yourself while you work!

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