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According to a study back in 2010, the spa and salon industry was worth $12.8 billion, spanning over 19,900 locations. It’s 2017 now, and the industry is showing no signs of stopping its explosive growth. Needless to say, competition has also gotten fierce over the years with customers demanding premium treatment and getting the most out of their money.

So, how do you stand out from the dozens of competitors in your town? By being better than everyone else, of course! Our beauty supply company discusses 4 ways to be successful in the salon and spa industry.

4 Tips to Have a Successful Salon or Spa Business

  1. Focus on customer satisfaction; not just customer service

This is kind of obvious, but how much your salon or spa succeeds directly depends on how much you are able to satisfy your customers. Word-of-mouth is still an active form of marketing and the best way to utilize it is to leave every customer happy with their visit. So, having professionally trained and courteous staff is a must.

  1. Build a niche market

Identify your strong points and make them even better to carve a niche. Target the customer group that is in your niche and convince them that you are far better than your competitors. Create a service menu that aptly describes what each technician, aesthetician, and therapist can offer and how they make your spa special.

  1. Be authentic at all times

As a spa owner, your job is to make sure that your patrons are getting the full value of their money. To do this, be genuine at all times and only offer services that you are qualified to offer. Do not make exaggerated claims about the “miraculous healing technique.” Sooner or later the customers are going to find out that the claims are unsubstantiated.

  1. Stay consistent with your vision and theme

While it might be tempting to jump on every fad, know that consistency sells. Offer only those services that align with your philosophy of beauty and wellness. This applies to the decoration of your salon as well. Only explore trends when they are in complete harmony with your vision and theme. People don’t like surprises every week!

Why use only the best salon or spa equipment and tools?

As an owner of the spa or salon, the responsibilities of providing the best service in town, with the best products in town, can be overwhelming at times. And you can’t ensure complete safety and satisfaction without having the best staff and tools aiding you along the way. Enter JMT Beauty, your one-stop shop for spa accessories, spa equipment, spa uniform, and miscellaneous beauty products.

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