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How To Grow Your Online Presence As A Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you are likely well aware that you work in a highly competitive industry. Simply getting the right training and putting on a makeup artist uniform does not guarantee your success. Marketing your brand is essential.

Fortunately, you can leverage social media to boost your reputation and grow your business online. One of the best platforms for accomplishing this is Instagram. Below, you will find five of the top ways to make use of Instagram for your makeup business.

1. Stand Apart from the Crowd

In the world of makeup artistry, being a true individual is a major asset. Trends seem to change on a daily basis, but only you can provide your unique take on any trend. Try to stay away from common images for your Instagram pages, and instead, embrace the differences that you can bring to the table. Post photos that reflect those differences, and you can begin to draw attention to your brand.

2. Choose a Strong Theme

While you definitely will want to stand out as a makeup artist, you should also select a theme that fits your sense of style. If your posts are all over the place and undefined in nature, viewers may quickly lose interest. Start to build a narrative that reflects your style and direction as an artist.

3. Employ Analytics

Do not neglect the powerful tool of analytics. Find an analytics tool that is compatible with the Instagram platform (such as Iconosquare). You need to know which hashtags are working for you, as well as which ones you should abandon.

4. Positively Engage With Other Brands

Behave as the professional that you are. No matter how high the temptation may be, avoid leaving petty comments on the pages of other makeup artists. These people could already be (or might someday be) influencers who can give you a hand up in your career. Remember to keep your input relevant, however; no one appreciates spammy comments on Instagram. One way to highlight your own brand is by sharing behind the scenes photos of your daily routine styling your own makeup artist apparel. First impressions do matter, especially on Instagram, an image-based social media platform!

5. Build a Network

Network with other artists and businesses related to your industry. In addition to leaving positive comments on other Instagram pages, consider reaching out to other makeup artists to collaborate when possible. Also, explore businesses in your area, such as jewelry stores, fashion boutiques, and photography studios. Make an effort to connect and collaborate with these businesses, so you can all post the results on your respective Instagram pages. This will not only help to build your reputation, but it may also generate invaluable local leads.

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