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To make your salon genuinely gender fluid, it’s crucial for your cosmetologists and esthetician to know about the code of conduct for serving male clients. Sure, women might have gotten accustomed to submitting to the will of to their favorite beautician, but this concept is still relatively new for men.

Thankfully, the hairy trend is on a decline, and more males are now showing up to local salons and spas to get a perfectly groomed, smooth body. So, how do you service men the same way you do women so that they become permanent clients? Keep on reading!

4 Tips for Male Waxing

  1. Educate; don’t sell

If you have experienced estheticians working at your salon, they probably know enough about the art of conversation. Now, one mistake that many make is that they often try to sell their clients additional wax services before offering any real value. This is a bad idea for both men and women because people, in general, don’t like being sold to.

Offer genuine advice that you might think will help your male client with hair removal and ask for their feedback. We are sure many would gladly buy higher packages if they find you have been helpful.

  1. Don’t ignore the pain!

Contrary to what society teaches us, men do feel the same amount of pain as women, if not more. So give your clients the good talk before the beginning the waxing session so that they are familiar with what to expect. Don’t just hope that they will get along if you catch them by surprise.

  1. Offer promotional programs

Sure, you might have to work at lower rates for the time being, but there is no better way to lure men than to advertise services at discounted rates. Not only will a lower price give your potential clients one more reason to try out hair removal but they will also leave feeling better knowing they got a good bargain.

  1. Treat everyone unique

If you’re offering male waxing services, you must keep in mind that men often have a rougher, thicker, and oilier hair and skin. So, the treatment that was once a hit with the women might not work as well with your male clients. Treat everyone as an individual and find out what works for them and what doesn’t. You’ll surely win your client’s heart!

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