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Berrywell Protective Sheets

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These products are restricted for purchase by a licensed Professional only

Pre-shaped papers for professional eyelash tinting treatments. These protective eye pads are uniquely pre-cut to fit perfectly under the lower lashes. These special papers absorb excess color, helping to prevent skin staining. (96 pk)

    Directions for Use

    The blink of an eye stands for expressive eyes with an unforgettable gaze!

    With BERRYWELL eyelid and lash coloration, you can emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes and the volume and length of your lashes. The long-lasting and gently formulated coloring gives your eyes new life.

    Simple application –Rapid effect – Extraordinary color – Lasts up to 6 weeks 

    Tips for Choosing your Color: You can best emphasize your lashes with a dark tint. 

    We especially recommend: Nr. 1 BLACK, Nr. 2 BLUE-BLACK, Nr. 2.2 BLUE-BLUE

    For a beautifully harmonious facial expression, the eyebrows should look softer and set off your hair color with their own tint and color. 

    The following basic nuances are especially suitable: Nr. 3 Natural brown, Nr. 3.1 Lightbrown, Nr. 4 Graphite, Nr. 5 Red, Nr. 6 Chestnut


    Preparation: Clean the eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly so that they are free of oil. Rub the cream onto the lower lids of the client‘s eyes. Place a BERRYWELL eyelash pad that has been treated with the cream on the underside onto the client‘s lower eyelid. The pad must fit well onto the lashes, without any folds, and be pressed on lightly. 

    Mixing: Mix a small quantity BERRYWELL brow and lash colors (strips approx.. 2 cm long) with approx.. 10 drops BERRYWELL developer lotion and mix you it to a creamy paste. This step in preparation should be done immediately before application.

    Coloring: After the customer has closed her eyes, carefully apply the coloring agent on the lashes with the color pencils, until they are completely covered with the coloring. After this, apply the same, or a brighter color in the desired direction on the eyebrows, whereby you can best avoid staining the skin if you work carefully. 

    Cleaning the eyebrows: Wipe off the eyebrows first with dry cotton wool at expiration of the impact time, then clean with soap. Any possible skin staining can be removed using BERRYWELL‘s color remover. IMPORTANT: The lashes and the skin around the eyes may not be directly treated with the color remover. 

    Cleaning the eyelashes: Lift off the eyelash pads with an upward motion and remove excess color with a dry cotton ball. Then carefully remove the remaining traces of coloring agent with pure water and cotton wool. The customer‘s eyes must remain completely closed.

    Warnings: Only for professional use -contains p-Phenylendiamin - this product can cause an allergic reaction - wear suitable gloves -rinse eyes immediately, in case of eye contact. Easy on your skin– dermatologically tested – not tested on animals – Salon exclusive

    Application Time

    According to the desired intensity, note that the coloration becomes more intense with increased application time.

    Black - 10-15 min

    Blue-Black - 10-15 min

    Blue-Blue - 10-15 min

    Natural Brown - 10-15 min

    Light Brown - 10-15 min

    Graphite - 10-15 min

    Red - 10-20 min

    Chestnut - 10-20 min