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Diamancel Nail File #1-Flexible Fine

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The Diamancel #1 nail file is the best diamond nail file for fragile natural nails.

This flexible diamond file is designed for those with fragile nails or thin nails or nails that are prone to breaking. Streamlined and precise, it’s ideal for professional use, providing a smooth, even finish.

Use this diamond  file to finish your natural nails after using the #2 Flexible file – Medium or for daily upkeep of thin and fragile nails.

Diamancel files are more durable than any other file on the market. 


  • Durable because of the real diamond fine grit.
  • Effective and easily filing because it is flexible.
  • Thin enough to go under the nail.
  • Hygienic because it can be washed.
  • Sanitary because you can disinfect it 
  • Salon-tested for professional results.

This #1 flexible file will occupy a privileged place among your beauty supplies.

220 Grit