refectocil for thin lashes and brows

Help Clients With Thinning Brows and Lashes to Look and Feel Their Best

Did you know that there were many different reasons that your brows and lashes may begin to thin or even disappear? Simple aging is a major cause for the issue, but so too are changes in your natural hormone levels, everyday stress and strain, allergies, and chemotherapy can all lead to this unwelcome result. Additionally, if some of your closely related family members have thinning brows and lashes, you may have inherited the genes. Read more ways to help clients with the leading beauty products such as RefectoCil lash and brow tinting. If you haven’t already heard!

Learn About Brow and Lash Health

You can be of professional help when your clients come to you for advice about these problems. Is there anything you can do about thinning lashes and brows? This is a question you should be ready to answer when in your spa uniform as a beauty professional. Actually, there is a lot you can do to combat thinning brows and lashes and help clients start to look and feel their best again. Let’s first look at the basic DIY options to suggest and then some professional solutions to provide.

DIY Solutions for Thinning Brows and Lashes

Here are three very simple ways to try to improve the conditions of brows and lashes:

  1. Dry brush them! – Take a gentle brow brush and for a few minutes each evening just dry brush the wand or comb through your lashes and over the brows. This exfoliates and stimulates, ensuring that plenty of circulation reaches the hair follicles
  2. Oil them! – Castor oil is a stimulating oil and can help to further exfoliate and nourish the hair and follicles
  3. Feed them! – Are you eating right? If not, look for daily supplements that target hair, skin and nails such as those high in vitamins A, C, E and the B-complex. Don’t forget collagen supplements and the minerals manganese and selenium.

Once you educate a client about the at-home and DIY options, show them the lasting benefits of using expert brow and lash services.

Expert Solutions for Thinning Brows and Lashes

Naturally, you may be unable to get brows and lashes as thick as they were earlier in life or before any thinning started. This is why you’ll want to recommend expert solutions such as those below:

  1. Refectocil – Recommending the use of Refectocil for brow and lash tinting can give the look of much thicker brows and lashes and with lash perming available, it can boost the effect of bold eyes.
  2. Cirepil wax – This product gives you targeted results and allows you to use much less wax, and at a lower temperature than others. By properly shaping the brows with Cirepil wax, it can help to give them a healthier appearance and allows tinting to have the greatest effect.
  3. Professional Consultation – If you want to know more about professional brow and lash products including Refectocil, Cirepil wax and even professional-quality spa uniforms, connect with beauty professionals online through Instagram or other social media.

Start Boosting Your Client’s Confidence and Get Brow Supplies Through

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