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Before You Don Your Salon Cape, Check Out This List of To Do’s

So you’ve got the dream, the training, the space, and possibly enough ‘starter’ clientele to open your own salon. Now what? Do you just rent a space and don your salon cape? Is it just buying the right salon aprons for your staff?

The answer, of course, is no. You need to figure out everything else you need to do to go from “good idea” to “great new local business,” and then make it happen.

Every business owner does things a little differently, but there are still some common items that salon owners-to-be should consider before the first customer comes in.

  • Any additional licensing or costs. Beyond any lease or rental agreements over space or local zoning, your local municipality may require other permits or fees. Are there any other legal requirements for spas/salons? Are there any labor laws or regulations for contract workers if you plan to bring in independent salon stylists or others with esthetic training? Do you need to bring in an electrician or a plumber?
  • Reasonable expectations. The money may not start rolling in your first year or even your fifth year. But anticipating your possible costs and revenue can make a big difference in planning for the future. A solid business plan can help, including your estimates on what it will take to break even or make a profit.
  • Any marketing needs and costs. You and your friends and family may know you’re great but how will the rest of your community? And more importantly, what will make people who already have a place they go to want to give yours a try? General advertising can feel like it’s expensive at first, especially if you’ve already paid a lot to get to this point. But it can pay off in a big way if it helps direct clients your way.
  • Any fixtures. Salons will need sinks and chairs to start with, which can’t be bought at your local big-box store. You also might want to consider other items, everything from credit card scanners to TVs for guests to watch while they wait.
  • Regular tools and supplies. Some items will be consumed regularly like hair sprays or similar hair product. Others will last longer but may need to be changed occasionally when they wear out or break, like combs, rollers, or driers.
  • Salon apparel. Part of good branding and marketing includes having a similar look and feel through the design of your salon as well as the salon apparel your stylists wear. This can include the same color and logo on the salon cape that every client wears or on the salon aprons that the staff wear while working. These serve a functional purpose as well: they can keep hair off people’s clothes as well.

Are You Ready to Put On Your Salon Apron and Get Started?

Getting started can feel a little scary, but with a good plan, your talent and experts such as JMT Beauty to offer quality salon products, you can do it!

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