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Ready to Set Up Your Own Salon? Read this to Get Started.

So, you are ambitious and want to set up your own salon. The key to any successful salon is your talent combined with a professional and relaxing atmosphere and good business management. There are details from business management, decorating to picking a cosmetologist uniform. Read on to get started on creating your dream!

Working in the salon industry is as much about technical skills as it is about creativity. You can design the most fashion forward storefront ever, but it won’t go far if it’s empty. Planning ahead, recruiting early, and knowing what vision you want to share with the world can help you get off to a successful start. There are a few other things to consider before opening your doors.

Licenses and Legalities

Every business needs a license and planning a larger salon may require some legal help. If you don’t know your way around corporate structure, consider consulting with an attorney, or looking up the business requirements in your state. In some instances, you can register your business online and receive your license in a matter of days.

You’ll also need to make sure that your logo is trademarked and that you have the permission of licensed distributors to feature their products. The last thing you want is to lose your shirt (almost literally) in a lawsuit over the trademark you put on your cosmetologist uniform. Details matter, and a 5-minute Google reverse image search can save you from yourself.

Check into the different licenses and insurances that might be required for different services, too. You don’t want to get busted for illegal pedicures (or something else that you don’t know about). Cover all of your bases and then you can start acquiring talent and announce your grand opening!

A Business Plan Is Important

Your business plan should be in the works from the beginning. It covers every aspect of how you want to run and market your salon. From the type of technology required to schedule appointments to the cosmetologist apparel you’ll ask your stylists to wear—every detail needs to be accounted for.

It helps to go through a day in the life of your salon. Imagine going through the motions and write down every detail that pops into your head. You’ll need to divide your business plan into sections covering marketing, employee requirements, goods and services, finances, and overall vision and goals.

Sure, you’ll need to tweak your plan later—but for now, it acts as a roadmap for the set up of your salon.

The Fun Part

Now that you’ve tackled the tedious parts of salon start up, it’s time to design your space! A lot of your choices will be based on the services that you offer. Spa services are hot right now, and you’ll need to anticipate the need for everything from acrylic stations to fitted spa uniforms. Keeping everything (including employee apparel) in related colors and styles can help to create a more professional space.

Overwhelmed yet? That’s okay, because there are plenty of resources out there to help you make your salon everything you want it to be. With a little research and some of planning, you can bring your vision to life!

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