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Creating A Spa Menu Clients Can’t Resist

If you’re stuck on what type of menu to create for your spa, think about the role of a restaurant menu. Every customer looks at it, even if they already know what they want or have ordered the same item every time. Some diners may leaf through a menu while waiting, others may do research into different types of services or check out prices. Read these tips for creating an irresistible client services menu that includes your Refectocil products and services. These are very popular on the market right now.

A menu is also a fine way to encourage someone to branch out if they’re feeling like they’re in a rut. Your spa menu, whether online or hard-copy version, should have the same role: be easy-to-read but still comprehensive.

Consider the following elements when building your dream spa menu:


A smart spa should make sure the menu matches the rest of the spa experience, in terms of colors, fonts, lines, language, and general style. Just as you might look for a spa uniform for sale that matches your salon, consider carrying your brand style into your menu. Think of the menu as a visual version of a tour guide describing all the exciting items available. The menu could be the first exposure to you that online visitors see so it needs to provide a fine first impression.


The menu should also reflect your ideal customer demographic in terms of tone and language. Do your clients like simple or elegant language? Are they older or younger? Are they there for medical needs or pure relaxation? Are they price-conscious or interested in the experience?


Clients want to know what services are available but they also want to know how much they cost. This could help their budgeting or booking when they arrive, or help compare your spa to other spas. Make sure to always emphasize that what you offer goes beyond price for a wonderful and relaxing experience.

Extra Services

Similar to a restaurant, you can sometimes consider adding ‘daily special’ pages for occasional promotions, either an extra web page or a hard copy attachment. These can share deals on certain treatments like Refectocil, which is a favorite brow and lash tinting product among makeup artists. Knowing that these specials change often can encourage people to keep checking back.

Good Photos

Get clients and prospective clients excited about what they can experience by showing different elements of the spa, including the tables or the spa boots! Visuals can be more appealing than lots of text and can encourage new customers to visit your business.

Answer Questions

Are there discounts for multiple services? Is there a spa uniform for sale? Can I bring a friend into the room? How do I make a reservation? Your menu can include some of these answers.

Adding Refectocil and other lash and brow services to your menu can make your spa clients happy.

Overall, your choice of menu is just one way you can enhance the spa experience. One useful resource is JMT Beauty, which can provide professional spa and salon supplies plus professional uniforms and apparel. Contact us HERE for more info about how to improve your spa’s customer experience.

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