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5 Practical Benefits of Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting with RefectoCil

The right mascara can bring out the beauty of your clients’ eyes. Defined eyebrows draw attention and enhance the look of a woman’s entire face. But getting the look right takes time and skill, often more than they have each morning. They can see it right away when they look in the mirror. Their “finished” look is just slightly off. You can help! As your clients’ go-to beauty expert, you can explain the many benefits of professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting with RefectoCil.

A Solution for Your Clients’ Eye Makeup Woes

Let them know you can apply expert-level beauty to their eyes and it lasts for weeks. SOLD! You have a solution for their pain, the drudgery and difficulty of eye makeup.

To get the best results on all your clients, appointment after appointment, choose the finest products available. Use RefectoCil eyelash tint and RefectoCil eyebrow tint, the brand recommended by beauty experts.

Professional, Striking Results that Last

Wondering how to sell the value of tinting to your clientele? Here is a quick overview that will help convince them that eyelash and eyebrow tinting can simplify their life.

1. Streamlined your beauty routine with RefectoCil.

No more worrying about applying mascara and eyebrow products precisely each morning. The work is already done! Their morning routine will be shorter and the results will be more attractive and consistent.

2. Expressive, beautiful eyes that people notice.

Professional eyelash tinting gives any woman’s eyes a look of distinction. Eyebrow tinting makes them more noticeable. Eyes will look bolder, more intense and striking. Reassure them that the work is done by masters of the craft, your salon pros who know how to make the most of all types of lashes and brows.

3. Consistent results with RefectoCil eyebrow tint.

After getting professional tinting, your clients will face the world day after day with eyes that look their best. No need to stress about mascara or eyebrow products sloppily applied on a rushed morning.

4. RefectoCil eyelash tint is helpful for contact lens wearers and people with allergies.

Millions of women who wear contacts know how frustrating it is to have mascara fall into their eyes. It irritates sensitive tissue and it hurts. And it slows them down. They need to take out their contacts, wash their eyes, and start all over. Those mornings are a thing of the past when they invest in professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting. With RefectoCil eyelash tint, you can wear your contacts with less eye irritation from makeup.

If they are allergic or sensitive to mascara, tinting gives them the results you crave without the danger of a reaction.

5. A temporary procedure.

Salon eyebrow and eyelash tinting lasts for four or more weeks. It is not permanent makeup, which many people find unnerving and too much of a commitment.

Help your clients present their best eyes to the world. You will get the best, most consistent results with quality RefectoCil products, including eyelash tint and eyebrow tint, the brand trusted by experts.

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