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Benefits of Using Hard Wax as a Depilatory

Hard wax, which is sometimes called strip less wax, has a number of advantages over using soft wax when used as a depilatory. Removing hair from sensitive areas is a process which must be undertaken with great care. If done in the correct manner, it will cause the least discomfort to the person being treated. Licensed aestheticians have the necessary skills to accomplish such delicate procedures with very minimal discomfort. Here are some of the reasons that Cirepil wax has become the most popular choice as a depilatory. 

Advantages of using Cirepil hard wax

When applied to the skin, hard wax has a very thick consistency. It also remains soft and workable so that it can be easily removed without the use of any other kinds of aids. Soft wax on the other hand, requires the use of muslin strips in tandem with the wax, in order to accomplish hair removal. Once hard wax firms up on the skin, it can be gently ripped away all by itself. Since hard wax melts at a much lower temperature than soft wax, it feels more comfortable on the skin. That can be very important to the person who is undergoing the wax treatment.

There is another advantage offered by using Cirepil hard wax . It allows for the possibility of re-application in areas where that is required. Sometimes an individual will have very coarse hair, or roots which are very strong, and a second application becomes necessary. Re-application is not advisable with soft wax.  It can result in tearing a layer of very sensitive skin or cause noticeable pain to the individual. Another advantage of a Cirepil hard wax treatment is that it costs less than a soft wax treatment. In addition to being more comfortable and easier to manage, it won’t cost as much.

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