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How to Get the Best Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Results with RefectoCil

If you are not fortunate enough to have luscious eyelashes and naturally beautiful brows, then tinting is the quickest and easiest way to get them. The process makes eyelashes look darker, longer, and denser, without the need for mascara. Likewise, eyebrow tinting makes brows look longer, thicker, and darker and offers added structure and volume to sparser brows.

Eyebrow and lash tinting is recommended for its practical, long-lasting results and cuts down on your makeup application time. Read on for tips for tinting with RefectoCil, from our online spa and salon supplier.

5 Tips for Best Results with RefectoCil Brow and Lash Tint

To get the best eyebrow and eyelash tinting results, here are five essential tips that you should follow.

Tip # 1 – Before tinting:

This step is very important in order to get a superior tinting result. Before applying tint to the brows and eyelashes, gently remove all eye makeup with non-oily RefectoCil Eye Makeup Remover. Brows and eyelashes should be clean, dry and free of oil.

Now, take out two strips of RefectoCil Eye Protection Papers. Carefully apply protective RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream on the lower lid & underside of the two eye protection papers. Next, place these eyelash protection papers under each eye/set of lashes so that no tint/product touches your client’s skin.

Tip # 2 – Preparation of tinting:

Mix 10 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid and 2cm of dye to get a thick, creamy paste. Mix together with your RefectoCil Applicator in the RefectoCil Artist Palette.

Tip # 3 Tinting:

Ask your client to close her eyes and apply the creamy tint paste on her eyelashes with the application wand. Make sure that all of her eyelashes are adequately covered with the tint mixture. Also, apply the tinting paste on her eyebrows (in the direction of her natural hair growth). Let it set for 5 – 10 minutes.

Tip # 4 Cleaning the eyebrows:

After 5 – 10 minutes, remove excess tint (if any) with a soft and dry cotton ball. Note, if the tint mixture touches the skin, use RefectoCil Tint Remover to gently remove the spots. However, be sure to not get any on the eyelashes or too close to your client’s eyes.

Tip # 5 Cleaning the eyelashes:

Carefully remove the eyelash protection papers. Also, remove excess tint (if any) with a soft and dry cotton ball.

Shades of Refectocil Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint

How to select the right color: Last tinting makes light eyelashes visible and highlights their true length by tinting the tips bleached by sun and water. Brow tinting accentuates light brows and matches the lighter areas of the eyebrows with the hair on the head.

# 0 Blonde: Bleaching paste for eyebrows.
# 1 Pure Black:
Tints any hair color pure black.
# 1.1 Graphite: For discrete covering of grey/white hair.
# 2 Blue Black: The blue lustre enhances color depth.
# 3 Natural Brown: Very dark and well-concealing brown.
# 3.1 Light Brown: Ideal when applied on light blond to light brown hair.
# 4 Chestnut: Intense color results when used on light blonde to light brown hair. Chestnut lustre from medium brown hair on. CAUTION: Do not mix with other colors!
# 4.1 Red: Intense red color for light to medium blonde hair. Dark red when used on dark blonde to medium brown hair. Red lustre from dark brown hair on.

TIP: For more intense color effect, lighten beforehand with RefectoCil Blonde (Level #0)!

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