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Ready to Show Off Your Talents with RefectoCil Products and Gain Clients?

Social media can be a great way to grow your lash business. This post takes a look at what to do—and what not to do—when using social media to promote your services. One thing is for sure, using images on social media to showcase your talents with RefectoCil products is very effective! 

Photography Tips

The photos you publish on social media should show your work at its best. Make sure you’re comfortable using the products that you want to use on your model; for example, if you want to use RefectoCil eyelash tint for a piece of content, practice with it beforehand.

Try to take well-lit photos that clearly show off what you can do. If it is feasible, natural light works best, though using artificial light is preferable to taking photos that turn out too dark. Also publish shots from multiple angles; for example, shots from the top down can be a great complement to other types of photos like straight-on closeups. 

Don’t rush through the photo process. Take the time to fix problems like stray lashes.

Though you want your photographed clients to look great, avoid the temptation to over-edit the photos. Feel free to edit with a light touch, but if you go too far, people will notice and question your credibility.

Content Ideas

There are endless types of content you can publish, but some of the most effective for social media are:

  • Showcases of the different looks you’re able to provide your clients. If a client is comfortable, try taking a before picture showing them excited, perhaps in a salon cape. Then, take an after picture of your presumably pleased client. (When requesting photos, be sure to respect clients’ boundaries.)
  • Images of your studio. If these images show professional, welcoming staff members, all the better.
  • Event and giveaway announcements.
  • Posts that promote your services.
  • Posts that highlight positive reviews.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list of social media possibilities, because there are too many to count. However, for more ideas, you might also look to your competition to see what they are doing.


Creating good social media content isn’t effortless, but it is a surmountable task. Taking good pictures, showing your clients and your business at their best, and regularly publishing content for your audience will go a long way.

Put on Your Salon Cape and Get Ready for More Clients!

If you need products like a spa wrap or other supplies to make that happen, visit JMT Beauty’s online store today. And if you don’t see what you need, please contact us and we can order it for you.

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