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A Simple Guide To Shaving Vs. Waxing

“Should I wax or should I shave?” It’s a question that doesn’t necessarily have an absolute right or wrong answer. The choice really comes down to your personal preference. Consider your access to certain supplies and factors like how often you want remove your hair. Whether you are wanting a RefectoCil eyebrow treatment or a Brazilian wax, it comes down to timing and more. Here a are a few things to consider when looking into hair removal.

Consider The Enjoyment Of A Relaxing Spa

Spas can certainly help make the choice easier for clients since we often have people trained in different techniques of hair removal in different parts of the body. It still may smart a bit, but at least clients will be in luxurious surroundings accompanied by pleasant employees instead of by themselves in their own bathrooms. Spas also can provide better materials to make the process more enjoyable. This includes higher-quality waxes and perhaps a refreshing beverage. Spas also have access to quality materials such as Cirepil wax, a high-quality product that doesn’t require strips. Cirepil wax is considered less painful since it doesn’t pull or tug as much as strips. It is especially recommended for sensitive areas like underarms or bikini area.

Shaving At Home

Home shaving. It’s not too tricky to do one’s legs in the shower. But if you don’t have good lotion or a good razor, you can easily risk razor burn and cuts. People are also discouraged from waxing their sensitive areas themselves due to the precise touch required. This is along with the biggest flaw of shaving: it grows back fast, and growing back also includes itchy stubble. Some common consumer products for home shaving are also known to include ingredients that aren’t always great for the skin. Many spas can provide creams, but it’s often easier to discuss other hair removal options with an esthetician.

Home Waxing

There are inexpensive personal wax kits available, but these have their flaws – in untrained hands, they can cause burns, skin irritation or even are known to permanently adhere wax to your counter if any spills by accident. Waxing instructions can be confusing for people less familiar with it. Though waxing is able to keep hair from growing back as fast as shaving does, it still needs to be applied on a regular basis. It’s also tricky to perform some of these precise waxing tasks in front of the mirror, vs. lying down and letting someone else take care of them. If you are feeling more adventurous with this route, visit our online spa retailer for access to high-quality Cirepil waxing accessories and your very own spa uniform.

Extra Spa Services

A spa employee can provide expert waxing services anywhere but can especially be recommended for areas that are trickier to reach well, such as the face or bikini area. Spa staff can also easily combine other services and products such as waxing eyebrows and then using Refectocil to tint them for the desired look, providing clients with perfect thinner or fuller brows in just the right color, which can look appealing and boost confidence in big ways.

Home Waxing and Salon Refectocil Tinting Kits And More Are Available From JMT Beauty

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