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Is Your Salon Apparel Leaving a Good Impression on Your Clients?

The beauty business is all about making people look and feel beautiful. Because clients come to your salon to look and fell better, it’s wise to make sure your staff looks good as well. Here are three things to keep in mind when searching for unique and high-quality salon and spa uniforms:

salon aprons
Salon Apron in Leopard – #B908U-L

1. Picking a style
Having an idea for your spa or salon apparel, doesn’t have to cause sleepless nights or break the bank. If you’re on a small budget, go for something that’s stylish yet purposeful, as well resilient and comfortable. Remember, maintaining a professional environment is crucial.

2. Beauty against coziness
Your staff won’t be judged on their apparel as much as their talent and personality, so try not to get carried away while trying to impress customers. At the end of the day, you want your employees to uphold the reputation of your salon, with how they look and behave, and how they make their clients look and feel.

When your staff is friendly, looks put together, and makes clients feel welcome, you’ll leave a long-lasting impression and keep them coming back.

3. Be unique
In order to be authentic, you can use designated apparel to create a “uniform” for your staff. If doubtful, always go for functionality and contemplate cost. Salon apparel can be beautiful (check out our rhinestone tees), but their function is mostly to offer a protective covering for your stylists.

Depending on its material, salon apparel can be water resistant, and some can also be resistant to stains, hair, chemicals, and wrinkles. As a stylist, nail technician, esthetician, or barber, it’s crucial to have chemical-resistant apparel for certain services.

Common Types of Hair Stylist Apparel

salon capes
Chemical Resistant Cape – #PVC914

Salon smocks and vests
Water repellent vests and salon smocks are worn mostly when shampooing, cutting or styling. They even have roomy pockets for tools. Spa uniform jackets with slight collars (available with different sleeve lengths) help depict a more professional image.

Aprons and capes
Salon aprons and capes come in various designs and materials for different purposes. A chemical apron (for stylists) and chemical resistant capes (for clients) protects one when applying chemicals to the hair. More stylish, all-purpose salon capes are used for every salon service. Click here to see our full line of salon capes!

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