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Is Hair Stylist and Nail Artist Apparel Really That Important?

There are so many things to consider when opening your own salon, and an employee dress-code needs to be one of them. The last thing you want is someone who works in your salon walking in wearing shorts that resemble bathing suit bottoms or a top that works better to sell lingerie than hair styles! Fortunately, you’re the boss and have the right to take the mystery out of the salon uniform in your salon. This can be done with up front policies that uphold your professional values.

Dress for Your Target Market

Who do you need to impress?
This is a question that you should ask yourself when designing your salon’s dress codes. If you work in an edgy part of the industry that caters to a more progressive crowd, then you could benefit from the displaying of tattoos, funky hair colors, and multiple piercings. This may not work the same way when trying to attract a crowd of fifty-something professional men and women who associate those things with a more negative world-view. It’s not being “stuck up,” it’s being professional, and it matters! Make your hair stylist uniform appealing to your target market.

Embrace a Little Individuality

Being too strict can cause serious issues as well. It’s important to allow your stylists to have a little freedom with their clothing choices. This type of individuality is integral to success and can keep your focus fresh and interesting for your customers. The purpose of a salon is to embrace fashion and to help people leave feeling better than when they walked in. Allowing your stylists to wear their best looks to work is a great way to advertise their talents!

Encourage (and Enforce) Common-Sense

Imagine allowing your hair stylist to wear fluttery sleeves that catch on their customer’s clips, or nail artist apparel that drags through their acrylic work. Functionality and safety matter in a salon and wearing clothes that don’t get in the way is important. When you’re working with chemicals or delicate color combinations, the last thing you need is a shirt that gets in the way or earrings that dangle low enough to tangle in someone else’s hair. Encourage stylists to use common sense, and if you see a problem—say something.

Understand Your Limitations

Depending on the type of salon that you’re running, not every stylist may be considered a full-fledged employee. If they pay booth rent and operate as an independent contractor, you may not be able to control what they wear. In this instance, just hire someone who understands professionalism and make your preferences known from the very start. Sometimes it can benefit both of you to get some sort of agreement in writing. Preventing problems before they start is always the best policy.

Are You Looking for Some Great Options for a Salon Uniform?

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