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RefectoCil is All the Craze These Days

If you work in or own a spa or salon, you may have heard of the RefectoCil product line. If you haven’t heard of it, RefectoCil produces hair dye, eyebrow and eyelash tint, and accessory products like eyelash curl rollers. Products like their eyelash tint are rapidly growing in popularity for several reasons, including the products’ affordability, long-lasting nature, and effectiveness.

Hair Tint Products

RefectoCil hair products are popular among both lay consumers and beauty professionals. For example, on the Amazon page for RefectoCil’s light brown cream hair dye, the dye has a strong rating of over 4 stars from reviewers. One person who left a 5-star review remarked that the product “worked great” and provided a natural look that the reviewer preferred over mascara. Another 5-star reviewer said that the product had “upped the average dollar amount” of their services. Other RefectoCil hair products have similarly strong review scores.

Eye Enhancing Products

The RefectoCil line of eye cosmetics is also strong. For example, according to RefectoCil’s website, their eyelash lift works in a “worldwide record time of just 13 minutes” and then remains effective for a month and a half. That speed can help you get a client in and out quicker while still leaving them satisfied.

RefectoCil eyebrow tint and eyelash tint also boast speedy application times and long-lasting results. They even produce a line of products aimed at sensitive clients, and these tints take only 3 minutes to apply while lasting up to 6 weeks. These come in a variety of colors, including medium brown, dark brown, and black.

Beyond that, this compny makes a full line of other tinting products, available as both standalone purchases and in multicolor kits. Many of their offerings can be blended with other colors, making them highly versatile.


Obtaining RefectoCil Products

If you need RefectoCil cosmetics or any other type of supply for your spa or salon, JMT Beauty can be your go-to source. We offer a full line of these amazing products, including RefectoCil eyebrow and RefectoCil eyelash tint, hair dye, application tools, and kits, which you can view here. Additionally, JMT carries a wide variety of spa and salon supplies beyond the this hair tint line. To check out our full range of offerings, just visit this page.

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