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Silicone Eye Pads

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The Hairpearl Silicone Pads offer the perfect protection for the skin from tint while coloring lashes. With the dermatologically tested silicone, the tight pads are very skin friendly and usable for every type of eye. Washable, self-adhesive and reusable up to 100 times. Cleanse with anti-bacterial soap and water after each use. 


1. Apply Hairpearl Cosmetic Silicone Pads with the glossy side onto the skin, directly below the eye lid and press gently on the skin
2. Apply the Hairpearl eyelash tint
3. After the application time remove the eyelash tint with a wet cotton swab
4. Cleanse thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and dry

Advantages of the new SiliconePads

-Protects the skin from dye
-Self-adhesive & anti-slip
-Fits every eye form
-Can be reused up to 100 times
-Extra soft, skin-friendly high-tech silicon
-Dermatologically tested

Content: 1 Pair Silicone Pads